Would you like to create your own adventure with your child or grandchild?

Here’s a way to do it.

Discuss these questions about Amelia's book together:

  1. Where did the story take place?
  2. Who are the 2 main characters?
  3. Who told Amelia and Nora there was a problem?
  4. What was the problem they had to fix?
  5. Who tried to stop them?
  6. How did Amelia solve the problem?
  7. How did the story end?
  8. Is there a message or theme in this story? What is it?

(Answers below)

1 Australia. 2. Amelia and Nora. 3. Joey the Kangaroo 4. Rescue the baby Kookaburras 5. Perat and his evil band of worms 6. Amelia blew a giant bubble that surrounded Perat and his worms. 7. Amelia and Nora got a badge for saving Katie’s babies 8. Bullies never win.

Now, begin your own adventure

Ask your child/grandchild curious questions and take notes on the responses you get. This is the exploration stage. Let imaginations run wild. Don't criticize or modify answers. Ask these questions.

  1. Where will your story take place?
  2. What is your main character’s name? What is she/he like?
  3. Does your character have a friend(s)?
  4. Who or what is going to cause a problem in your story?
  5. Are there other characters who are helping your character, or who may need help?
  6. How do your main characters solve the problem?
  7. How will your story end?
  8. Is there a message in your story?

If there are ideas or details that could be changed to make the story better, suggest: "What about this?" Or “What if”

  • Write your first draft
  • Review together
  • Have friends/family read and offer feedback
  • Discuss feedback with your child/grandchild and agree on helpful changes.

Find an illustrator: Perhaps you know one. If not, there are lots of freelancers out there. Compare prices. Decide on the dimensions of your book.

Build your book: Buy an online book template and do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. (We used Will Robertson, who also provided a marketing plan).

Publish: Look for a children's book publisher or self-publish by creating an account with Kindle Direct Publishing, who will upload your book to Amazon. Consider Ingram Spark as well for wider distribution. (You’ll need your own ISBN number from Bowker).

Enjoy what you've created together. It will last forever!